Meet our lead pastor candidate, Matt Beers!

As many of you know, Dan Allison has been our Bi-Vocational Lead Pastor since CrossRoads started in 2014.  God has done amazing things through Dan’s leadership over the past 5 years and our church has grown to over 400 in weekly attendance.  In 2019, the elder leaders (Dan, Brian, Andy, and Tom) agreed that it would be in CrossRoads best interest to have a full-time lead pastor rather than a bi-vocational leader.  The elder leaders invited Dan to step into the lead pastor role on a full-time basis.  After prayer and discussion, and prayer and reflection by Dan and Sarah, Dan felt like his work in the corporate world isn’t complete and that God was going to take CrossRoads and Dan through a process of transition and transformation.  The elder leaders believed God had someone else in mind for the role of lead pastor and have been praying for the transition process.

In October, the elder leaders launched a nationwide search for a full-time lead pastor.  We interviewed a number of candidates including bringing a couple of them on site at CrossRoads. In the past two months, we have spent extensive amounts of time with Matt Beers and know that he and his wife Michele have credible testimonies of faith in Jesus Christ and we believe them to be solid and faithful. Matt’s Bible college, seminary training, and ministry experience over the past 13 years have prepared him for this role. Matt has most recently come from a church about twice the size of CrossRoads and will bring all of his experience there to benefit us here.

From Matt’s perspective, he has been looking for a church like CrossRoads. He is impressed by the level of organization and engagement from the congregation at CrossRoads.  He believes in the mission and vision the elder leaders have set forth for CrossRoads and is aligned with our “outward orientation” as we live out our “come as you are” values in helping people to belong, heal, and grow in Jesus.

The elder leaders believe that Matt Beers is likely the man God is calling to take the reins from Dan as the new lead pastor for CrossRoads.  Matt is coming to preach on February 2, 2020 as part of the final stages of our interview process.  As with the vetting process that we have for installing our elder leaders, there will be a 10 day “waiting period” that will allow anyone in the congregation to provide comments or feedback regarding Matt to the elder leaders.  This “waiting period” will begin on Feb 2 and end on Feb 12.  Please send any comments or feedback to [email protected]

Matt and Dan have grown in appreciation and love for each other through this process. Dan is excited about a new season of ministry at CrossRoads for he and Sarah. The elders look forward to how God will use them both to advance the gospel message of Jesus in Western Dubuque. 

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Pastor Dan spoke about him briefly during a  Mid-Week Update