C Groups

What are C groups?

The C in “C groups” is short for “connection” or connection groups!  
CrossRoads is a Christian Faith Community that desires to love one another by deepening our connection with each other and with God.  

One simple way to do this is to join or start a C group.  

What is a C group?
It's a group of 3 men or 3 women or a group made up of 2 couples (4 people).  
We are purposely trying to keep the groups small – so the connections made with group participants can be deeper and scheduling can be easier!

What does a C group do?
It meets once a week for 60 minutes to discuss spiritual content from a guide book.
The guide books are 13 weeks, 10  weeks, and 9 weeks in duration.

What are the expectations of C group members?
  • You would make a commitment to start and finish with your C group.
  • You would be faithful in weekly C group attendance.  
  • You would be encouraging to those in your C group when you meet.  
  • You will willingly receive support from those in your C group.  
  • You will be faithful in memorizing the short truth statements given each week.  

Example of a truth to be memorized:

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight" - Proverbs 3:5-6

What are the titles of the current C group guide books?
Book #1 - Growing in Christ (13 weeks)  
Book #2 – Understanding the Wounded Heart (10 weeks)
Book #3 – The Deeper Walk Guide to Understanding the Bible (9 weeks)

How do I find others to join me in a C group?
1. You simply invite 2 people you know to join you.
2. You find one person you know and one person you’d like to get to know and invite them!
3. You can sign up for a C group using this link  and we will get you connected with others looking for a C group.

Where do I get the guide books?
They are available at the connection table at church on Sunday mornings.

Is there any cost?
No.  The materials are being provided by CrossRoads Church.  The cost of the 3 books together is about $30.  If you would like to contribute that as a donation to CrossRoads, we’ll put it to work getting more resources for others to join us on this journey.  DONATE