Kids Church Families,

I am excited to be able to worship with you in person this month. It has been way too long since I have seen all of your faces! Unfortunately, we are not able to offer Kids Church for the near future - the Community Centre has not opened up rooms for us to use for Kids Church at this point in time. Attending CrossRoads in the midst of Covid-19 concerns is a very personal family decision, we will continue to offer online worship for those that are not comfortable with in person worship at this point. I also understand that dealing with squirmy children can make church stressful. I have compiled a list of tips for having children in church:

  • Pack a bag of quiet activities for your child. There will also be crayons and activity sheets for kids when you enter the church. This will be great for kids to use during the sermon, when it is harder for kids to participate in the service.
  • Older kids - encourage them to bring their bibles, they can look up the bible passage Pastor Matt is preaching on and follow along.
  • Consider packing a snack, there will be plenty of hand sanitizer to help kids keep their hands clean.
  • Consider sitting toward the front so your child can see and hear. Kids get tired of seeing the backs of heads.
  • During the service: RELAX! God put the wiggle in your child. They wouldn't be children if they sat perfectly still through the whole service. We understand and it's okay.
  • If you must leave with your child during the service, please be sure to come back. We want you both to be part of our church-family celebration time.
  • Quietly explain what is happening in the service to your child so they can understand what's going on.
  • Join in! Kids learn by copying what they see. So if you sing, respond, pray, and engage in the service, your kids will too.
  • Moving to the music is a great way for kids to get their wiggles out before the sermon, encourage your child to stand up and sing and dance!
Remember: "Jesus said, 'Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.'" We're excited to see your whole family again! We've missed being with you!

Christin Smith

Kids Church Administrator

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Pastor Matt Elder Installation
Sunday, June 14
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Peosta Science Camp!
Starts Sunday July 5th
We're providing you an "explosive" way to "connect" with your family and "magnify" the love of Christ in your home! Join us this July to experience a truly unique way to learn about science! AND- your whole family is invited!

Registration starts Thursday, June 4th!


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You are loved & safe!
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Preschool Lessons

This month we'll be learning about God's good news and how God created us!

K3 (K-3rd Grade)
God wants to have a relationship with you!
This month we are doing a series called The Lord is my Shepherd! In this series, we will learn from Psalm 23 that we need a shepherd to lead us and guide us in our lives. We are ALL sheep that are in need of our Shepherd, GOD!

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FORTY5 (4th-5th Grade)
Your relationship with God is worth sharing!

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Here are some wonderful note cards that your student can color and use to help memorize Psalm 23: Psalm 23 Cards

This month let's pray for God to heal our world. Pray that God would help us build bridges in the midst of tragedy and division.
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Christin Smith, Administrator
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