Kids Church Families,

Happy February! It's the month of love- mushy gushy love. Isn't this holiday more fun when you're in your teens, dating someone for the first time, and it seems so special?! The funny thing is, even when you receive all the super cute and fun gifts, the happy feeling only lasts a minute and then it goes away. Over the 30 some years of my existence, this holiday has ranged from the highest highs to the deepest lows as we watched what we thought was a failing marriage. There were years I felt content and grateful and years I've felt very alone, hopeless, and depressed. Isn't that strange? Life changes so much from year to year. You may be someone who is super grateful for ending up with the exact life you pictured or you may be someone who is really struggling with thoughts of "this isn't how it was supposed to be." There is nothing quite like Valentine's day to force you to examine your personal worth, our worthiness of love, and your relationships.

Something I have learned that is worth sharing: there is one thing that has never changed over the years. There is one relationship that hasn't betrayed, let me down, or left me. There is one relationship that has loved me ferociously since day one. Each year, regardless of my circumstances, relationship status, or feelings of self-worth, Jesus has shown Himself to be with me. He has proven Himself to be never failing, head over heels, mushy-gushy in love with me REGARDLESS of what I think, or bring to the table, regardless of my sin. I pray that no matter what you or your children are going through this month that you can experience God, who is over the moon in love with us. We are SO valuable to God and NOTHING will ever change that.

Grateful to serve an amazing God with you,

Tiffany Johnsrud

Kids Church Director

CrossRoads Night Out: Pop Up Coffee Shop @ The Intersection
Monday, February 24 from 4-8 PM
Join us for live music and grab a coffee/treat at our pop up coffee shop. Cash only.

CrossRoads Vision Sunday
Sunday, February 16 @ 9:30 AM

CrossRoads @ Western Dubuque High School
Sunday, March 1 @ 9:30 AM
Family Service, nursery available for 0-2 year olds

January 5 - February 23
"The Lord is good to everyone. He showers compassion on all His creation."
- Psalm 145:9

**Note, the red portion is the memory verse for children birth to pre-k.

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Giving Spotlight

All giving for this month will go towards CrossRoads General Fund.

You are loved & safe!
The 2's room enjoys a snack each week. If your child is unable to have goldfish, please tell the classroom teacher.

3's & PRE-K (4 up to K)
God loves you & His Word is for you!
This month the students will be learning from Mark & Luke. They will be learning that Jesus heals the sick and shows us how to trust God.
K3 (K-3rd Grade)
God wants to have a relationship with you!
This month we will be continuing a series called Never Forget - very important truths that God wants us to NEVER FORGET! This teaching series will go through stories in the Bible that teach us TRUTHS about God.
FORTY5 (4th-5th Grade)
Your relationship with God is worth sharing!
The FORTY5 program follows the adult teaching, our current teaching series is on the Gospel of John - So That You May Believe.
Upcoming meeting dates
(during service):
February 16th
Not meeting March 1st (family service @ Western Dubuque High School)
March 15th

This month let's pray and ask God to give us eyes to see how much He loves us. Pray that He would make us fully capable of comprehending with all the saints (God's people) the width, length, height, and depth of His love [fully experiencing that amazing, endless love]. Ephesians 3:18
Meet Billie Riniker!

Volunteer Area: Coordinator
Hometown: Dubuque, IA
Favorite Doughnut: Long John with Chocolate frosting
Secret Talent: I am good at writing. My friends say I 'have a way with words' and I've learned to put value in that talent over the years.
If they had $20 to spend on anything: Bubble bath and chocolate!
Favorite way to relax: Listen to Christian music and take a walk.
Favorite Bible Verse/Life Quote: We have a sign in our house that reads, "I am a child of God" and I love it. It's a daily reminder that whatever life brings us, our true identity rests in Him.

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