CrossRoads Church believes an individual receives the forgiveness of their sins from God as an act of grace on his part.   Forgiveness of sins is received by an individual when they believe that the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus was for them personally.  They believe Jesus died in their place to pay the penalty (death) for their sins, in exchange for their faith in him, they are granted eternal life and will never face the judgment of God for their sins.

At CrossRoads, immersion in water baptism is the way that people celebrate having received the free gift of salvation from God’s judgment.  Baptism is an outward demonstration and proclamation of a person’s inward faith in Jesus.

Baptism is an opportunity for an individual to stand before their family, friends, and community, and proclaim the great thing that has happened to them because of the gift of grace they have received.

The reason someone should get baptized after surrendering their life to Jesus Christ is because they are following the example set for us in the Bible.  Jesus commands the church to baptize people who believe the good news about Him (Matthew 28:19-20). CrossRoads Church chooses to follow the example of the followers of Jesus in the 1st Century who were baptized by immersion, in water, after having received the forgiveness of sins and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. (Acts 8:34-36; 10:47-48).

For more information on Baptism, watch this short teaching by Dan Allison, Lead Pastor of CrossRoads Church Peosta:


If you are interested in getting baptized, plan on joining us for our Baptism Class on September 16th.  If you make the decision to be baptized, we will be offering a time to be baptized on Sept 30th and celebrate with our CrossRoads Church family as a part of our Fall Fest.

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