Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.

There are times to gather as the whole church and there are times to gather as men so the church can be stronger. We are in a unique time as Covid has impacted almost all aspects of our lives. We do not want that to prevent us from gathering as men. 

Men's Bible Studies

Synopsis of the 7 week study:
It is the elephant in the room, trumpeting for our attention – the topic people want to ignore and the problem they hope goes away. This strategy isn’t working. In fact, the problem is growing and with disastrous effects to marriages, families, and the church.
People need more than good information and willpower to overcome pornography; they need battle strategies!
Dr. Marcus Warner’ book, Slaying the Monster: Six Battle Strategies for Overcoming Pornography, offers valuable insights into what leads to the struggle and practical tools for winning the fight.
We are offering the 7 week study Thursdays evenings from 8:-9:45pm in our church office.

This is a great study if you struggle with pornography or if you want to know some powerful techniques for overcoming this monster to help others. 

Virtual Bible Study

One thing that we are doing beyond the groups starting this fall is group devotionals through the Bible app.  It is very low commitment, but it is a friendly reminder of our need for daily devotionals while providing a little bit of accountability and fostering community with people you don’t always get to talk to. If you didn’t know the Bible app could do this, it is a cool feature that lets you complete the plan like normal then adds a tab for the group to respond and share what they are learning.  Most plans are 10 days or less, but some like the one we are starting this week are longer, 15+ days.  The great thing is you can join or skip at your leisure and/or suggest future topics/plans.

We are starting a devotional on John this week since they will be starting this in Student Connect on Wednesday. We will move through it a lot faster as a daily devotional (24 days), but we will also revisit it once or twice throughout the year so we can engage with the youth of the church in a new way. We look forward to seeing anyone and everyone who wants to join.

We are reading the @YouVersion plan 'Journey Through John'. Check it  out HERE

Men's Events

Please contact Caleb Schuman to get on our GroupMe's for mens events.

Community Groups

Get Connected. Go Deeper.