In the past 3 years CrossRoads Church has seen tremendous growth- growth that has happened in lots of different ways.  Because of the way this growth has impacted one ministry in particular, we are at the point where we need to re-work a few things.  Our nursery is busting at the seams!  In order to better serve our church families with little ones, we are creating what will be called “The Nest”.

This re-design will bless-not only our CrossRoads Church family on Sundays- but the Peosta Community Center members, as well.  In addition to re-designing the current Kidz Zone space, we will be adding an additional space for the littlest of our family, babies & younger toddlers.  This will help alleviate the overcrowding that we’ve been experiencing for a while now.

So, we’re EXCITED…and we need your HELP!

There are many things we need as part of this project that are listed on an Amazon Baby Registry. (Registrant’s Name: CrossRoads Nest)  You can visit the registry and donate any of those needed items at any time in the next couple weeks.  You can also donate cash, Amazon gift cards, or any number of items from the Gift Tree that will be at church starting September 17th.  We are asking that all items be shipped or returned to church by September 24th.

Please join us for the Grand Opening of “The Nest” on October 1st to tour the new spaces and pray for our little ones!