I’m writing to share some vision on where we’re headed in 2018.

I expect this year to be defined by the word Partnership.

Peosta Elementary School this is the first area I see our Partnership focus developing.  We have invested a large amount of money in this Partnership as we support the school in acquiring the skills to become a Trauma Sensitive School.  I expect to have other opportunities emerge in 2018 for us to involve ourselves in.

Peosta Community Center We are working toward deepening our Partnership with the PCC with continued investments in upgrading the facility and signing a 5 year rental agreement!

We will also have a Day of Volunteering to come this spring that potentially will help both of these Partnerships.

Each Other I want us to enjoy deeper relationships with each other.  There is a multitude of ways to do this and I hope you will join us in 2018 in making your contribution to this Partnership.

My big dream while I don’t really have a dream for our church, I do have a dream for our community….

I will try to articulate it this way…..  in 10 years I want every student at WD high school to have had some meaningful interaction with the people of CrossRoads – so when someone says, “Do you know anyone at CrossRoads?” – the answer isn’t just “Yes, I do.”  

But “Yes, I do.   Let me tell you how they have made a difference in my life.”

I don’t know how this dream becomes a reality, but I’m hopeful you will join me in scheming up ways to bless those in our community so this can be a reality.

I love you church.  May God bring blessings in your life and give you a passion to live for him in all you do.