A Safe Place to BELONG, HEAL, and GROW

Our Purpose

A church that exists by the grace of God, for the glory of God, which shall be the ultimate purpose in all its activities.
This church shall glorify God by loving Him and obeying His commands as given in the Bible. (References from the Bible below)
This includes:
  • Worshipping Him by the Spirit of God; (Philippians 3.3)
  • Proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ through preaching and personal evangelism (2 Timothy 4.2-5)
  • Serving one another, our neighbors, and our community by providing for physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, in the name of Jesus Christ. (Luke 6.35-36)
  • Equipping the believers through Bible instruction and study; (Ephesians 4.11-16)
  • Assisting in the start and restart of churches (Acts 13.2-5; 1 Corinthians 3.5-9)